How is the skin absorbed to nicotinamide effect?

Nicotinamide is the vitamin B3 in the vitamin B group, which is a substance that can play a whitening role and is widely used in the cosmetic industry.

Because nicotinamide activates cyclic 3,5 nucleotide phosphodiesterase, an enzyme that reduces melanin production by stimulating the breakdown of the melanocyte hormone cyclic adenylate into adenine-5-monophosphate, it is used in skincare products to whiten skin.

Nicotinamide is a kind of small molecule substance, which can be directly absorbed by cells, restore cell energy to maintain the balance of skin energy, and accelerate the synthesis of collagen, to reduce the excessive precipitation of melanin caused by cuticle thinning and low oil content.

In the cosmetic industry, nicotinamide as a commonly used whitening material, is not suitable for everyone’s skin quality, in the use of nicotinamide skin care products in use, should let our skin gradually adapt to the use of better oh.

Although nicotinamide is used in many skin care products, consumers’ skin may be irritated due to individual differences due to nicotinamide intolerance. It is not only necessary for enterprises to strictly control the production of raw materials of nicotinamide, but also to continuously improve the design of the process and formula to meet the needs of consumers.

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