How does nicotinamide enhance skin barrier function?

Nicotinamide is a whitening ingredient and a recognized anti-aging ingredient in the field of cosmetic dermatology. It is often added to skincare products, and the skin care effect is also obvious.

The main role of nicotinamide is whitening, it can act on the skin, inhibit the production of melanin, reduce the transfer of melanin to the surface cells, thereby speeding up skin metabolism, and can affect the deposition of melanin on the skin. Generally speaking, the use of a cream containing nicotinamide can significantly reduce the number and area of spots, the use of nicotinamide liquid is also better, but the concentration of nicotinamide contained is relatively high, therefore, it is necessary to use the correct method, so as not to cause skin intolerance, allergy symptoms.

Ceramide is an important component of the skin barrier, it exists to protect the skin, and nicotinamide can enhance the skin barrier function by increasing the content of ceramide in the cuticle, thus greatly reducing the water loss in the skin, lifting and repairing the skin barrier. Nicotinamide can improve the skin barrier function and has the moisturizing ability to lock the water, in general, topical 2% nicotinamide can effectively reduce the loss of skin moisture, and enhance skin keep humidity, therefore, can use 2% concentration of nicotinamide concentrate as a moisturizer, achieve the goal of deep water locking and maintenance, the skin moisture content in normal function.

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