Can nicotinamide essence be used every day?

Many skin care products on the market contain nicotinamide, among them, nicotinamide essence is a lot of beautiful people commonly used skin care products, of course, skin care needs to be carried out every day, so, nicotinamide essence can be used every day. The whitening effect of nicotinamide essence is quite good, so it is also called nicotinamide whitening essence. Nicotinamide essence itself will not cause any harm to the skin, nicotinamide is not photosensitive, for most skin, in reasonable use the case can be used every day, but some nicotinamide intolerance or skin-sensitive friends should pay attention to avoid or reduce the use, so not to affect the skin state.

The use effect of nicotinamide essence is more obvious, and its nature is stable, in the general environment is not easy to be oxidized by ultraviolet light, no photosensitivity, therefore, it can be used at night or night, but the metabolism of the skin will be more vigorous, it is recommended to use nicotinamide essence at night, whitening effect will be better, skin metabolism rate is higher, absorption effect is better.

If the skin state is poor and the tolerance of nicotinamide is good, it can also be used once in the morning and evening when starting to use, to achieve better whitening and skin care effects. After a period of use, the skin will improve, and then reduce the number of users.

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