How effective is the use of nicotinamide for oil control?

Nicotinamide is the golden representative of the American white components in the skin care industry. It can reduce the melanin in the body, accelerate the metabolism of melanin keratinocytes, and also interfere with the “communication” between melanin and keratinocytes, to effectively reduce the production of melanin. According to relevant clinical experiments, if you often use nicotinamide skin care products, the naked eye can see the changes in the color of facial spots, nicotinamide can also effectively reduce melasma, sunburn, and other skin problems.

Nicotinamide is often regarded as a “natural skin barrier”, which can effectively repair damaged skin cells. When we apply nicotinamide externally, it can promote the synthesis of proteins in the skin epidermis, greatly improve the skin’s defense ability, and can also relieve some surfactant irritation to the skin.

Many people have oily skin and pore trouble, especially in the summer, the face is very serious oil, hot summer is easy to sweat, in the case not applicable skin care products will also oil, may use some skin care products oil more obvious, oily skin why so oil? Most of them are caused by the imbalance of water and oil in the skin. The oil will take away the moisture from the face. The drier the face is, the easier it is to produce oil.

When we reach a certain age, the skin will appear dark yellow, lack luster, loss of moisture, and other conditions, and nicotinamide can effectively improve this skin condition, it can help the skin repair damaged cuticles, improve skin resistance. Generally speaking, skin care products containing nicotinamide have a strong deep water lock and moisturizing effect on the skin, which can effectively delay aging to a certain extent.

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