How to use nicotinamide for sensitive skin?

Nicotinamide stock solution is a kind of beauty and skincare product, the first use some people will appear pain in the face, generally speaking, the concentration of the stock solution is relatively high, and can be used in small doses, if use is discomfort, you can first establish tolerance, and then gradually increase the use until normal use. The sensitive skin barrier is sensitive, and in the process of building tolerance, there may be symptoms of skin allergy. It is recommended that sensitive skin should not use nicotinamide solution or use a small amount of low dose.

The use of nicotinamide stock solution is used to care for the skin, before use to clean the face, to reduce the concentration of nicotinamide, you can take an appropriate amount of nicotinamide stock solution with some toning water, or first apply some skin care water and then use nicotinamide stock solution, evenly spread on the face.

The order of use of nicotinamide liquid can also be applied all over the body after taking a bath or can be directly added to the bath when using, it is also very good for nourishing the skin. In addition, nicotinamide liquid can also be added to the moisturizer after washing the face, or added to the mask, for the face, skin care effect is also very good, but nicotinamide liquid into the mask after use, remember to clean the face.

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