What are some tips for nicotinamide for skin care?

Although nicotinamide has a variety of benefits for the skin, the use of nicotinamide should also follow a certain method, otherwise not only failed to improve the skin condition but may make the skin worse, so what are the skills to use nicotinamide?

We use nicotinamide and pay attention to its concentration. Nicotinamide above 2% is good for moisturizing and repairing, but for whitening, it needs to be above 3%. However, the concentration of nicotinamide is not completely proportional to the use effect. 5% is the upper limit concentration for both safety and gentleness. When the concentration of nicotinamide is higher than 5%, the effect will not be significantly increased, but the irritation will be greatly increased, and there is a risk of a rotten face.

Use nicotinamide suggestion to let skin establish tolerance to it first, nicotinamide irritation is inferior to acid generally insensitive skin used in safe limits will not feel uncomfortable, even if there is intolerance, usually also only local redness, tingling, can recover by itself after stopping. If we are using nicotinamide for the first time, then we can gradually build up the tolerance in the concentration. If we cannot adapt to the low concentration of nicotinamide to whiten, then we can also use ceramide stock solution, muscle bottom essence, and some other moisturizing and repairing products as the base, which will feel more gentle.

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