Why is nicotinamide not recommended for skin care with acid?

Before using nicotinamide, we first use nicotinamide to test the skin allergy. If the skin is allergic, if there is redness, swelling, and itching during the test, it is necessary to stop using nicotinamide, so as not to continue to use nicotinamide to stimulate the skin.

People who are new to nicotinamide may choose a lower concentration of nicotinamide. High concentrations of nicotinamide are not recommended. When nicotinamide stock solution is used in combination with skin care products, appropriate skin care products should be used superimposed. The same series of skin care products can be selected, and overlapping use with other series of skin care products should be avoided as far as possible. The same series of skin care products and nicotinamide have the same commonality, can play a good skin care effect, and avoid skin irritation.

When using nicotinamide, it is not appropriate to mix nicotinamide and acid substances. After mixing the two substances, it will cause certain irritation to the skin. This is because nicotinamide itself has certain irritation, and nicotinamide and acid substances will release a large amount of nicotinic acid, which increases the irritation to the skin.

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