Why is nicotinamide not recommended for skin care together with salicylic acid?

Nicotinamide is actually commonly known as vitamin B3, it is widely used in all kinds of skincare products, and can play the role of whitening, moisturizing, and water lock, therefore, nicotinamide in life by consumers.

Nicotinamide skin function is very powerful, according to the related research found that the use of nicotinamide can effectively inhibit the formation of melanin, and improve uneven skin tone, as for the question of whether nicotinamide needs to avoid light, niacinamide protects skin to taste at the time of use is actually don’t need to avoid light, on the contrary, use nicotinamide can also help reduce UV damage to the skin, therefore, Even during the day, you can use it safely, but you need to take regular sun protection.

When using nicotinamide skin care products, try to choose the same brand of skin care products, do not recommend mixed-use, so as not to affect the use of nicotinamide effect, here also remind everyone, do not to use nicotinamide and skin care products containing salicylic acid preparation, so as not to cause great irritation to the skin.

For facial friends with bloodshot, it is recommended to temporarily stop using nicotinamide, so as not to stimulate the skin, and aggravate the damage to the skin. Nicotinamide contains a very small amount of nicotinic acid, which is also the main cause of intolerance after a few people use nicotinamide skin care products. The manifestations of intolerance include skin redness, tingling, and even peeling, etc. At this time, it is recommended to stop using it immediately.

Although nicotinamide has a good local effect on the skin, its role is still an auxiliary effect, therefore, the formula of nicotinamide skin care products which is very important, can not be randomly matched so as not to affect the effect.

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