How to use nicotinamide for skin care?

Nicotinamide is a kind of important material, we in the human body play a role in the protein and sugar metabolism, can improve nutrition, once the body lacks this kind of material, it could cause pellagra, niacinamide not only can be used for medical treatment, but also in the skin care products used as the basis of poor nutrition supplements, so, contains nicotinamide to protect skin to taste, what should we use?

1. First clean your face with facial cleanser and gently rub it to foam. It can take about 2 minutes to clean.

2. after washing the face do not blow dry, immediately add a few drops of nicotinamide mixture in a certain amount of emollient water, and used to pat the face, the actual effect is stronger, and this method can dilute the nicotinamide stock solution, reduce the irritation of the skin.

3. Take a moisturizing lotion the size of a coin, wipe it with your finger and evenly apply it to lock moisture and nutrients and promote further absorption by the skin.

If the skin is too dry or in a hurry to go out, you can add a proper amount of nicotinamide liquid to CC before applying, or, before using the mask, apply a proper amount of nicotinamide essence, with the mask, can accelerate the absorption of the effective ingredients in the skin.

Mixing nicotinamide with a moisturizer, such as adding a few drops to moisturizing lotions, moisturizers and body lotions, can improve the application and make skin more radiant and clear.

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