Nicotinamide quality products from Chinese suppliers

How does our skin get dark? When our skin is stimulated by ultraviolet light to form melanin, melanin is slowly transferred from the dermis to the epidermis, making the skin gradually dark. So, how to whiten? We can mainly reduce melanin to start, including interference with the formation of melanin, interference with the transport of melanin, and accelerating the metabolism of melanin.Nicotinamide is commonly used in our various whitening skin care product ingredients, it can interfere with the transfer of melanin, and prevent melanin cells to cutin forming cells, thereby reducing melanin, and nicotinamide to have formed melanin can also have the effect of reducing, in addition, because of nicotinamide can promote skin metabolism, therefore, Can also accelerate the metabolism of melanin, so see, nicotinamide is not we want to look for whitening ingredients!

Many of us know nicotinamide from its whitening properties, which include moisturizing, anti-aging, and repairing properties.

Nicotinamide is used in moisturizing skin care products, mainly because it promotes protein synthesis and keeps skin hydrated and elastic. Nicotinamide is also an anti-aging component that can promote the increase of collagen synthesis in the dermis and reduce excessive glycan production in the superficial dermis. Only a low concentration of glycan can maintain the normal structure and function of the dermis, while too high a concentration of glycan will affect the skin quality.

Nicotinamide can repair the barrier function of the skin. External application of nicotinamide can reduce water loss through the skin, and improve the levels of ceramide and free fatty acids in the stratum corneum. Nicotinamide can also play a certain role in alleviating inflammation.

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