What effect does nicotinamide have to improve skin tone?

The main color-rendering substances in our human skin include melanin, carotene, and hemoglobin. Among them, melanin has played a very critical role in our skin color, affected by its decisive factors such as distribution and content in the skin.

It is understood that the melanin content in the human body has nothing to do with our gender and race, but is related to our age. With age, melanin will show a downward trend. The melanin is synthesized in the coarse surface of the melanocytes of our epidermal base. It is transferred to the goggles and packaged into a membrane-shaped structure, which produces melanin. So, what can nicotinamide play when facing melanin?

Nicotinamide is an important nutritional component required by the skin. After acting on the skin, it can achieve the effect of diluting melanin and inhibiting melanin production. It can also achieve the problem of improving local pigmentation, which can make the skin fair and smooth.

Although nicotinamide does not inhibit melanocyte activity, it can greatly inhibit melanin from melanocytes to keratinocytes, thereby reducing the precipitation of intracellular pigment, which has a certain effect on melanin. Melanin to achieve the ideal whitening effect.

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