What effect does nicotinamide have to improving skin?

Men and women who like skin care must be familiar with the ingredient “nicotinamide“, which seems to have the same effect as “all-encompassing oil”.

If the skin has been sensitive recently, in order to avoid further aggravation, you can use nicotinamide skin care products to keep the skin stable and repair the skin barrier as soon as possible.

Nicotinamide is an ingredient that has anti-aging properties. It is a great ingredient for men and women in their 20s who want to fight aging for the first time. It is not only cost-effective, but also effective.

The effect of nicotinamide on oily skin may be more obvious than on dry skin, because it has a good oil control ability, inhibit oil secretion, help to reduce skin inflammation and reduce acne.

Although most studies have shown that using nicotinamide is safe, but many people still use nicotinamide allergy would happen, even skin tolerability, also do not recommend using high concentrations of nicotinamide product directly, because the higher the concentration, the stimulus, the greater the low concentration may not allergic, but the use of high concentrations of nicotinamide can stimulate the skin. Friends who try nicotinamide for the first time must first try after the ear, if there is no tingling, redness, dry itching and other conditions to use normally to the face.

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