How does nicotinamide improve dull skin tone?

Why can nicotinamide be added to skin care products? After analysis, it is found that there are six main factors that make it can be widely used in the skincare industry.

Studies have shown that the use of nicotinamide can reduce facial wrinkles, dullness, and color spots, and alleviate facial aging. Nicotinamide is not hard to find in many brands of anti-aging skin care products.

Nicotinamide can maintain skin moisture by improving the skin’s barrier function. According to research, the topical application of nicotinamide with a concentration of 2% is more effective in reducing skin moisture loss and increasing skin retention than the use of vaseline.

Nicotinamide inhibits the melanin of black cells to keratinocytes corpuscle move, affect the keratinocytes and melanocyte signal channel between cells, can reduce the melanin precipitation, to have black, by reducing the transfer of melanin to surface cells, can also achieve the whitening effect, moreover, niacinamide also has the function of resisting saccharification It can desalinate the yellow after protein glycosylation, and play a good solution to the dark yellowing of skin color.

Local appropriate topical nicotinamide can improve the level of free fatty acid and amide in the skin, stimulate the dermis microcirculation, in order to protect the skin from moisture loss, niacinamide also can promote protein synthesis, improve the level of NADPH in cells, accelerate the keratin cell differentiation, ease for surfactants such as stimulation to the skin.

Topical nicotinamide can reduce the production of fatty acids and triglycerides in our sebum and play a role in controlling oil secretion.

A 4% nicotinamide gel is more effective than a 1% clindamycin gel in the treatment of acne.

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