How does nicotinamide improve skin barrier function?

Nicotinamide, also known as nicotinamide, is an amide compound of nicotinic acid. It is a water-soluble substance with a small molecular structure and is relatively stable. Therefore, nicotinamide can penetrate the cuticle into the skin and play a good role in whitening, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, repair, and other aspects.

Niacinamide does not inhibit the tyrosinase activity of melanin cells, but it can significantly inhibit melanin body formed to cutin cell transfer, and transport of melanin inhibiting it is reversible, the inhibition rate of about 35% to 68%, at the same time, according to the study also found that using nicotinamide can significantly relieve the skin pigmentation problem, whiten and brighten the skin tone.

When the skin barrier is impaired, transepidermal water loss increases and the skin’s ability to retain moisture is poor. Topical nicotinamide can help reduce transcutaneous water loss and thus improve skin barrier function. Nicotinamide also repairs skin cells, reducing skin irritation and resisting external damage.

Nicotinamide is photosensitivity and has a good antioxidant effect, it will not change by ultraviolet light or lose its nature, we can use nicotinamide during the day, also can use nicotinamide in the evening, but must pay attention to the need to pay attention to when using sunscreen during the day, the synergy of whitening and sunscreen to assembly the ideal use effect.

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