Can nicotinamide cover men to improve what skin problems?

For skin care masters and beauty masters, nicotinamide is a very familiar skincare ingredient. It is a derivative of vitamin B3, and it is also a recognized factor that is recognized as anti-aging and whitening skin. The people who use skin care products are also the main force in the past, and the current male compatriots have gradually attached importance to the maintenance of the skin. What are the main aspects of men’s functions of skin care products?

First, niacinamide whitening and moisturizing effect, the realization of the function of this mechanism is that nicotinamide of melanin and the interference effect of keratinocytes communication, make the hampers the formation of melanin, that is to reduce the generation of melanin, speed up the metabolism of melanin cells to help reduce has generated melanin, For the facial skin can play the role of light spots, go yellow.

Second, niacinamide repair effect, for our skin, nicotinamide is a natural skin barrier, can repair damaged skin cells, we can promote skin epidermis layer when topical nicotinamide protein synthesis, improve the defense capability of the skin, still can alleviate some surfactants to stimulate the skin.

Third, is the anti-aging effect of nicotinamide. With the increase of age, moisture retention, smoothness, and skin color of the skin will also decrease, but nicotinamide can be improved, with a stronger deep water lock and moisturizing effect, which can delay aging.

Fourth, niacinamide oil-control effect, with the increase of life, work pressure, a lot of people can not get regular life work and rest, face often appears pore bulky, the skin gives oil phenomenon, this is because the facial imbalances caused by oil, water moisture make facial skin give oil also take drier, nicotinamide can reduce sebum in the production of triglycerides and fatty acids, Thus play the oil control effect.

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