What ways can nicotinamide improve our skin?

Nicotinamide belongs to the vitamin B group. It is not only a water-soluble vitamin but also an amide compound of nicotinic acid. Its appearance is a white crystalline powder. Nicotinamide as a medicinal component has high safety is the basic vitamin in clinical dermatology treatment, and can effectively treat photosensitive dermatitis, acne, and other skin problems.

In addition to the traditional whitening effect, nicotinamide is also used to reduce the melanin that has been generated and precipitated, which can block the transfer to the surface cells, accelerate cell metabolism, and the shedding of melanin keratinocytes. Simply put, nicotinamide can promote whitening.

At the same time, nicotinamide helps to maintain the moisture content of our skin, increase protein, and promote the growth of collagen and microcirculation in the dermis, which can significantly delay or reduce the skin aging phenomenon.

Nicotinamide can effectively solve wrinkles, desquamate, pores, and other common skin problems, reduce free radical damage to the skin, prevent aging, repair the skin, and reduce facial dullness.

Nicotinamide also increases blood circulation to hair follicles, which promotes hair growth, and is added to many hair shampoos to prevent hair loss.

Adding nicotinamide to 3% can fight blue light. Sitting in front of the computer for a long time can easily make the skin tired, dry, and yellow. 3% nicotinamide +0.5% vitamin E can resist ultraviolet light and most blue light.

Of course, as a vitamin, nicotinamide does not mean that the higher the composition, the better. If added to more than 5% or 10%, it will be irritating to the skin, or need to pay attention to.

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