What effect can nicotinamide exert basically in cosmetic industry?

Nicotinamide is vitamin B3, the chemical name is 3-pyridinium formamide, the appearance of white crystal powder, easily soluble in water or ethanol. Nicotinamide is an indispensable nutrient in the process of human and animal growth and development. It can also be used as plant growth regulator, hair growth promoter, hair coloring agent, polymer stabilizer, electroplating solution additive and biochemical reagent.

Nicotinamide, as an important organic chemical raw material, is widely used in medicine, cosmetics, food and other industries.

Is in the pharmaceutical industry, nicotinamide coenzyme I (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) and nadp (nicotinamide gland pyrimidine dinucleotide), one of the important components in various REDOX reaction in the body, it is not only to the body’s energy circulation and fat, protein, carbohydrate metabolism is very meaningful, and in maintaining normal tissue, In particular, the integrity of the skin, digestive tract and nervous system plays an important role.

Involved in the cosmetics industry, the application of nicotinamide whitening and moisturizing anti-wrinkle, acne, and hair care products, it can effectively restrain the melanin cell to the cutin cell transfer, thereby reducing excessive pigmentation, promote horniness containing melanin cell falls off, niacinamide also can promote the skin protein synthesis, strengthen the skin’s own defense ability.

In the food industry, nicotinamide as an important food additive, widely used in pastry, dairy products, cornmeal and other food production.

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