What needs can nicotinamide be used in skin care products?

Nicotinamide is a small molecule substance, which can be converted from nicotinic acid. Compared with nicotinic acid, the use of nicotinamide is safer and has no toxic side effects. In fact, nicotinamide is a vitamin, which is applied to skincare products and can be directly absorbed by cells to reduce melanin precipitation and whiten skin.

Nicotinamide in skin care products to add satisfies multitudinously likes woman, men’s pursuit of whitening, the nicotinamide whitening experiments, it is easy to find, use face cream containing niacinamide, can effectively reduce the number and area of skin brown spots, by the naked eye can discern the color spot color shallow, in addition, niacinamide also can promote the skin layer of protein synthesis, to,the moisture content of nicotinamide can achieve whitening effect not only, still have anti-aging effect.

Nicotinamide effectively interferes with the rate of conversion of melanocytes to keratinocytes, thereby reducing melanin production. Nicotinamide can not only reduce the production of melanin, but also effectively inhibit the transfer of 35% ~40% melanin from black cells to glial cells, thus reducing the deposition of melanin.

Therefore, nicotinamide can play a whitening role in skincare products. Although nicotinamide skincare products are very common, but not suitable for everyone, the use of the process should still pay attention to whether their skin discomfort.

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