How to use nicotinamide in skin care?

Nicotinamide has a good effect on improving the skin. It can promote the metabolism of skin cells and the circulation of the cuticle. It has a certain anti-oxidation effect and can make the skin elastic and vigorous. Nicotinamide works by suppressing melanin production and reducing the amount of melanin already produced. It also moisturizes and improves skin defense. So, how do we use nicotinamide?

There are many ways to use nicotinamide, and there will be some differences in the effects of different ways of using nicotinamide. For users, choose the right method. Usually, we will use the toner after cleaning the skin. To promote the better absorption of nicotinamide by the skin, we can take an appropriate amount of nicotinamide skin care products and put them in the palm of our hands, gently rub them with the warm heat of the palm, and then press them on the whole face, with moderate intensity, gently pat the whole face to promote skin absorption. After cleaning the skin, we can apply nicotinamide skin care products to acne or spots, and then gently circle to promote skin cell absorption.

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