Why is nicotinamide commonly found in skincare products?

Niacinamide for us should be familiar with cosmetic ingredients, belong to the derivative of vitamin B3, and is also an important ingredient in the cosmetics, and skin care products industry, nicotinamide for our management can have a variety of skin effect, can help us to solve the dark heavy, peeling, acne skin and relieve spots, such as aging problem.

Nicotinamide can improve the brightness of skin color by inhibiting melanin and keratinocyte and accelerating the metabolism of melanin keratinocytes, which can reduce the melanin that has been produced, thus playing a role in brightening skin color and fading color spots.

Nicotinamide also helps repair the skin by promoting the synthesis of proteins in the skin’s epidermis, which can improve the skin’s defenses. For example, nicotinamide can relieve the irritation of some surfactants.

Nicotinamide has a very strong effect on our skincare, and it is widely used in cosmetics and skincare products. When buying, you can pay attention to the composition table of the product.

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