What is the order in which nicotinamide is used?

There are many skin care products containing nicotinamide components, nicotinamide emulsion is one of them, we use nicotinamide emulsion method is very simple, first wash the face, and then the toner on the face pat, and then use the fingertips to take the right amount of nicotinamide emulsion smear on the face, from the inside out evenly smear, after use without washing your face. Nicotinamide skin care products should be used in the correct order, generally cleanser, toner, eye cream, essence, lotion/cream, and sunscreen.

As a skincare ingredient, nicotinamide should be used in the correct order for better results. The correct use of skin care products steps are generally in accordance with the sequence of molecules from small to large, different types of nicotinamide skin care products will be used in a different order. Nicotinamide essence, for example, is used after toner; Nicotinamide cream is used after serum or lotion.

Nicotinamide in smoke skincare amide concentrate, lotions, creams, and other kinds of nicotinamide skin care products after use without cleaning, paint nicotinamide can help us to whiten skin on the face, but sensitive to muscle, or when use by people of nicotinamide intolerance or should pay attention to methods and dosage, under normal circumstances, nicotinamide to be able to stay for a long time on the face, After applying nicotinamide lotion overnight, wash it off the next morning when you clean your face.

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