Why can nicotinamide be used in various skincare products?

Nicotinamide can whiten skin, fight age, moisturize, control oil, and dispel acne. It has a great effect on skincare and is added to many brands of skin care products.

Nicotinamide inhibits the production of melanin in the skin and, at the same time, accelerates the shedding of melanocytes, leaving your skin more tender. Melanin is the pigment that colors the skin, hair, and irises. When melanin in the skin increases, our skin becomes dark.

The use of nicotinamide can slow down the aging of the skin, help reduce facial wrinkles and dark spots and stimulate the production of collagen in the skin.

Nicotinamide has moisturizing properties that increase the moisture content of the skin while reducing water loss.

Nicotinamide can reduce the production of fatty acids and triglycerides in sebum, which has the effect of controlling oil secretion. Reducing oil secretion will also make skin pores look less large.

Gels containing nicotinamide can help with facial acne. This is because nicotinamide has a metabolic effect on the skin, which can exfoliate excess skin and help with acne.

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