How does nicotinamide make skin white?

In our human skin color material mainly, red pigment melanin and carotenoids, among them, the melanin content and distribution of the key determines the color of our skin, however, melanin content has nothing to do with gender, race, but as the growth of the age, and because of the difference of the sun, there are significant differences in different parts of the body. Melanin is synthesized in the rough endoplasmic reticulum of melanocytes in the basal layer of the epidermis, transported to the Golgi and packaged into membrane-like structures to become melanosomes, and then transferred from the dendrites of melanocytes to keratinocytes and excreted through the cuticle of the skin. Nicotinamide as one of the B vitamins has high security, and performance is stable, not easily destroyed by acid and alkali or hot, it can’t restrain melanin cell activity, but can inhibit melanin from melanocyte to cutin cells, thereby reducing melanin precipitation, in addition, nicotinamide can fade melanin, meaning that it can reduce the melanin has generated, therefore, Nicotinamide in skin care products, can play a role in whitening skin.

When many people use nicotinamide for whitening, they find that it does not achieve the expected whitening effect, especially in the summer, and even darkens. Why is this? This is because the nicotinamide in the whitening role is largely a melanin blocker in the transfer process, summer UV strong, makes the skin the melanin corpuscle unusually active, and increases the generation of melanin, even if some melanin inhibited in skin layer deposition, still there will be a steady stream of conveying cutin cells and melanin precipitation, therefore, whitening to prevent bask in, With nicotinamide and other whitening skincare ingredients together.

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