Can use nicotinamide make skin become younger?

Many skin care products have added nicotinamide as an ingredient. It can be seen that nicotinamide is of great significance to the skin. Knowing its correct usage helps us to better use nicotinamide skin care products and make our skin glow.

Nicotinamide can accelerate cutin exfoliation, accelerate cutin renewal, and accelerate skin metabolism. As we age, it takes longer to remove old cells from our faces, and nicotinamide can relieve this and freshen up the skin.

Nicotinamide can increase cell nutrition, promote protein production, provide the basis for skin elasticity, slow down the generation of wrinkles, and make the skin elastic.

The whitening function of nicotinamide is most attractive to women, it can reduce the formation of melanin, accelerate the loss of melanin on the skin surface, and make skin white.

Nicotinamide makes our skin soft, retains moisture, reduces skin sensitivity, increases skin collagen and energy, and gives skin a natural glow.

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