Nicotinamide manufacturer recommended use method

Nicotinamide is a popular addition to skincare. It is a derivative of vitamin B3 and an amide compound of niacin. Nicotinamide is widely used in skincare products.

Nicotinamide is added to protect the skin to taste, has a very good anti-aging effect, can slow down the aging process in the yellow skin bleak, has a better whitening effect, can dilute melanin and blain to imprint, and still can repair damaged skin stratum corneum lipid barrier, improve skin resistance, of course, niacinamide also has basic skin care effect, can be moisture lock water, Maintain skin moisture and lock in moisture.

Although the use of nicotinamide is relatively simple, there are also a lot of precautions, in the actual use of attention to the method. It is recommended to use nicotinamide for the first time, which needs to establish skin tolerance. It should be used in small doses first, and then gradually increase the dosage after skin adaptation. An allergy test can be done before use. Because nicotinamide contains the irritating ingredient nicotinic acid, which is irritating to some extent, it is recommended to test whether the sensitive skin is allergic before use.

When we use nicotinamide, we can apply it directly to the face after washing, or we can apply it after using toner, with cream or lotion to further lock the water.

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