How to choose the right nicotinamide manufacturer?

According to different purposes, niacinamide levels can be divided into cosmetics niacinamide, medicine nicotinamide, food grade, feed grade niacinamide, development so far, domestic and international market demand is still very big nicotinamide, and use more and more mature production technology, quality is more assured, nicotinamide manufacturers a lot, how to choose the right product? It is recommended to check the scale, qualification, product certification, product quality, product price, and service of the manufacturer. I hope it will be helpful for you to make a choice.

Nicotinamide is nicotinamide produced in the field of skincare products and cosmetics. When we buy products containing nicotinamide, we should comprehensively consider safety, functional requirements, price, and other factors. The use of nicotinamide is generally 2% as the benchmark, not more than 5%, the higher the concentration, the greater the irritation, which will also affect the skin’s acceptance of nicotinamide. It’s recommended to start at 2%. What if you buy a product with a nicotinamide concentration higher than 2%? Don’t worry, we can mix it with nicotinamide-free lotion, water, and other skin care products to reduce the concentration of nicotinamide. Generally speaking, higher than 5% nicotinamide, our skin will have an increased chance of developing allergies and other intolerances.

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