Why does nicotinamide produced by nicotinamide manufacturers contain impurities?

Nicotinamide is a universal component in the field of skincare, it can play a lot of roles on the skin, such as whitening, moisturizing, light spots, acne removal, anti-aging, repair barrier, and many other functions, nicotinamide in skin care products, cosmetics use concentration of 2% to 5%, it is understood that the concentration of 5% can also play the effect of wrinkle.

The concentration of nicotinamide can affect the effectiveness of its application, and there is no conclusive evidence that less than 2% nicotinamide will be effective in moisturizing, whitening, or anti-aging. While the irritation may be too high at concentrations above 10%, 2-5% nicotinamide is a reasonable range of application after repeated validation and evaluation.

In nicotinamide, there is an impurity – nicotinic acid, both of which are members of the vitamin B3 family, under certain conditions, the two can be converted into each other. When nicotinamide is applied to skin care products if the content of impurities smokes acyl is overmuch, can affect the application effect of nicotinamide, reduce the whitening effect, also may expand superficial skin blood capillary, increase skin flush, causing adverse reactions such as dry etching, therefore, when choosing nicotinamide skin care products, suggestion choice nicotinamide purification is good, high stability of the product.

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