Nicotinamide manufacturer’s recommendations for usage

Nicotinamide belongs to vitamin B, also called vitamin B3, soluble in water, has good stability, see the light is not easy to decompose, it not only in clinical medicine can be used in the treatment of stomatitis, glossitis, and dermatitis, the star is considered in the field of cosmetic skin care ingredients, because nicotinamide molecules are small, can through the corneous layer deep penetration into the skin, is a kind of multi-functional, the active ingredient.

Nicotinamide is mainly used in cosmetics and skincare products, the usage is 2%-5%, then the skin adaptability is better, this is found after countless studies, excessive use is easy to stimulate the skin, leading to allergy, too low use will not play its role.

The safety of nicotinamide is not in doubt, but the presence of niacin, an impurity in nicotinamide, can cause allergic symptoms such as itching, peeling, and redness in some people who use nicotinamide skin care products. In the purchase of cosmetics or skin care products, generally can be used with a small sample, trial, or small area to test the adaptability of the skin, to avoid large areas of use allergy symptoms.

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