What skin types can nicotinamide merchants recommend?

Some people’s skin is prone to oily skin, enlarged pores, acne, and other skin problems, especially in summer, do not use skin care products or use the wrong skin care products, skin problems will be more serious, and we need to solve them from the essence. Most skin of oily skin is due to the oil and water imbalance, nicotinamide is a skincare ingredient, and is suitable for various skin types of dark, oily skin use effect is more apparent, this is because the nicotinamide can by reducing sebum in the generation of fatty acid and triglyceride to control oil and balance water and oil in the skin, relieve pore is bulky.

In fact, for dry skin, nicotinamide has the effect of repairing the skin’s natural barrier, and can reasonably improve the skin’s moisturizing ability. For oily skin, nicotinamide can control oil, hydrate water, and tighten pores.

Nicotinamide is an excellent ingredient in skin care products, but the more it is used, the better. At present, the amount of nicotinamide used in our skin care products is between 2% and 5%, which can not only achieve good results but also reduce the skin’s intolerance to nicotinamide.

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