How to avoid nicotinamide original solution to skin stimulation?

Nicotinamide’s original solution is a kind of nicotinamide skin care product that is popular in recent years. Its composition is nicotinamide. It can be used alone or in combination with other skincare products.

If the niacinamide solution is used directly, before use, the face should be cleaned first, remove the excess oil and dust on the face, etc., then you can add some toner or emulsion in the niacinamide solution, mix and superimpose directly on the face, you can use pressure to promote skin absorption, after the niacinamide solution absorption without cleaning the face.

If the niacinamide liquid is used with other skin care products, you can properly drop it into a mask, toner, or face cream and mix it. Even if you are DIY your favorite skin care products, you can also directly put the niacinamide liquid into the bathtub and absorb it by taking a bath, which is also very moisturizing to the skin.

If you have a tolerance to nicotinamide, you can choose to directly apply it to your face, or you can add nicotinamide to the toner and use it together. Small amounts of nicotinamide are recommended for intolerant skin, followed by gradual increases.

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