How much concentration of nicotinamide can play the role of oil control?

Nicotinamide is the amide compound of niacin, it is milder than niacin, unlike niacin, nicotinamide will not reduce cholesterol, and will not cause inevitable fever flushing.

Many whitening products of nursing care brands advertise the whitening effect of nicotinamide. Like hydroxy acid exfoliating, it prevents the transfer of melanocytes to keratinocytes and accelerates keratosis metabolism to make the skin white.

Nicotinamide can increase intracellular NADPH levels, accelerate keratin differentiation, and rapidly rebuild a healthy skin barrier. It can also enhance the activity of rate-limiting enzymes and promote the synthesis of ceramides and free fatty acids in the skin.

Nicotinamide can increase the level of NADPH in skin cells, prevent the degradation of collagen in the dermis, and also promote the speed and amount of collagen synthesis, thus making the skin elastic and reducing wrinkles.

The topical application of 2% nicotinamide can reduce the production of fatty acids and triglycerides in sebum, and can exert the effect of oil control. Therefore, it has a good effect on acne-prone skin.

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