What skin problems can nicotinamide prevent?

Nicotinamide is a derivative of vitamin B3, for the love of beauty, will pick skin care products, this ingredient must not be unfamiliar, nicotinamide in the field of beauty and skincare is known as the skin anti-aging factor, so what is nicotinamide in the end?

The role of nicotinamide in skin anti-aging and skin care is mainly reflected in the process of early skin aging to prevent and reduce the skin’s dull, yellow phenomenon, but also to improve the resistance of the skin. Nicotinamide in the skin care process can play an obvious deep water lock effect, this effect also meets almost the basic needs of men and women for skin care, good basic skin care is very useful. Nicotinamide can achieve a whitening effect mainly due to cyclic nucleotides phosphodiesterase 3, 5 is a hormone that can stimulate melanin cell 3, 5 – the cyclic amp is decomposed into adenine – 5 – monophosphate, achieving the goal of the melanin was reduced, and niacin can activate cyclic nucleotides phosphodiesterase 3, 5, promote reduce melanin.

In addition, nicotinamide also has the effect of preventing and treating pellagra, repairing the cuticle, enhancing the skin’s defense ability, and reducing some skin abnormalities.

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