Which tissues does nicotinamide primarily function?

Nicotinamide is a substance that can promote skin metabolism. Skin cells complete daily physiological activities under sufficient energy, such as new cells, synthetic collagen, producing fat-grade proteins, synthetic DNA, etc., but with age, skin increases, and the skin will gradually age. The energy of cell activity caused by other reasons decreases, the update speed of skin cells will slow down, and it may reduce skin moisture. It is the phenomenon of excessive precipitation of pigmentation and uneven keratin. So, how can we prevent skin cell activity loss? I think the use of nicotinamide can effectively alleviate this skin problem.

Nicotinamide is a small molecule material, which is easily absorbed by skin cells. It can penetrate the skin and pass through the stratum corneum to act on the inner layer of the skin. When nicotinamide enters the skin, it can form coenzyme, phosphoric acid, and adenine gonadamide glandular glandotides and nicotinamide gland taurine dilate to increase the generation of energy molecules, to supplement energy to cells and maintain skin energy Balance can also restore cell ability and accelerate the synthesis of collagen, thereby delaying skin aging.

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