Why nicotinamide is used to produce skincare products?

Because nicotinamide has a variety of uses, we can mainly divide it into cosmetic grade niacinamide, pharmaceutical-grade nicotinamide, food-grade nicotinamide, and feed-grade nicotinamide according to different applications. Up to now, the domestic and foreign markets for nicotinamide demand are still large, the production process is becoming better and better, increasingly mature, and more secure quality. There are many cosmetic grade nicotinamide manufacturers at home and abroad, how should we choose? We can compare the size, qualification, product certification, product quality, product price, service, and other aspects of the manufacturer to choose the right manufacturer and product.

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide is a professional niacinamide applied in the field of skincare and cosmetics. When we buy products containing cosmetic grade nicotinamide, we should consider the safety, functional requirements, price, and other factors. Cosmetic grade nicotinamide usage is generally 2% as the benchmark, not higher than 5%, the higher the concentration, the more irritating, but also affects the acceptance of cosmetic grade niacinamide skin, we can start from 2% concentration, if cosmetic grade nicotinamide concentration is higher than 2% how to do? We do not have to worry too much. We can mix it with non-nicotinamide emulsion, water, and other skin care products to reduce the concentration of cosmetic grade nicotinamide. If the content of cosmetic grade nicotinamide is higher than 5%, the chance of skin allergy will increase.

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