How can we reduce allergy to nicotinamide products?

Nicotinamide has become a popular skincare ingredient, it can play a significant whitening and brightening effect, and a certain amount of oil control, pore narrowing, and anti-aging effects!

Nicotinamide is a kind of tolerance weaker, the pH value is 6 in the solution stability will be better, when not in this range, it is easy to hydrolysis and may cause some allergic reactions, some people in the process of use for a long time did not hold good nicotinamide product concentration, easy to cause the skin redness, or itching, stabbing pain and wait for a symptom, suggest to stop using, After the symptoms completely disappear, then moderate use, excessive use will increase the risk of allergy.

Nicotinamide in use process could be a slight facial reaction, but many people may encounter in the process of long-term use of some of the other harm, mainly because of not good to grasp the dosage, if use nicotinamide product at first, can adopt the method of low concentration to high concentration, letting skin gradually build tolerance of nicotinamide, can effectively reduce the risk of allergies, It is also recommended to try samples before purchasing nicotinamide products to avoid wasting products.

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