What skincare benefits can nicotinamide provide?

Nicotinic acid in the human body is usually in the form of nicotinamide, smoke acyl and nicotinamide known as vitamin PP, belong to the B vitamins, both can play similar biological activities in the human body, promote cell metabolism, and can be used as a medicine or nutrition supplements, but the difference is nicotinamide without dilating blood vessels, reducing blood fat, and nicotinic acid.

Nicotinamide can relieve and prevent pellagra, stomatitis, etc., in addition, it is widely used in the skincare industry. As early as the 1970s, nicotinamide was used in combination with sunscreen to absorb ultraviolet rays and prevent sunburn and tanning. Since then, more and more people pay attention to nicotinamide production and continue to study it, finding that nicotinamide also whitens, moisturizes, anti-aging, convergence pores, oil control, and other effects.

Whitening is our early understanding of the efficacy of nicotinamide. Nicotinamide can inhibit the formation of melanin granules and melanin to keratinocyte transfer, accelerate the melanin in keratinocyte transfer to the cuticle and promote cuticle to fall off, produce by inhibiting melanin, reduce melanin, quicken skin metabolism to play a whitening effect.

The anti-glycation effect of nicotinamide has an alleviating effect on skin dullness. This is because the contents of NADH(reduced Coenzyme ⅰ) and NADPH(reduced Coenzyme ⅱ) gradually decrease during skin aging, which controls the whole process of intracellular synthesis and decomposition. High levels of NADPH exert a powerful antioxidant effect. Prevent the spontaneous glycosylation reaction of proteins and sugars, and avoid the deposition of glycosylated proteins in the dermis resulting in yellowish-brown skin. Inhibition of glycosylation reaction can improve skin color.

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