What are the applications of nicotinamide raw material suppliers?

Nicotinamide is a kind of multifunctional active ingredient, widely used in cosmetics, daily necessities, and other fields can meet the production of all kinds of skin care products, and dairy products, such as face wash, body wash, body lotion, emulsion, essence, etc. Nicotinamide is widely used.

Nicotinamide in product application can achieve whitening and moisturizing, anti-aging effects, and so on, it has whitening effects that are mediated by suppression of the melanin cell to the transfer of keratinocytes, reduces the cell proliferation or inhibitory effect on the activity of tyrosine, thus reducing the production of melanin, in addition, niacinamide for produce melanin plays a role of reducing.

Nicotinamide can control oil by reducing triglycerides and fatty acids in sebum, to tighten skin and shrink pores. Local application of nicotinamide on the skin can effectively improve the content of ceramide in the skin, stimulate dermal microcirculation, keep the skin hydrated, and alleviate the irritation of active agents and solvents on the skin surface.

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