How does nicotinamide repair skin barrier function?

Skin is as the growth of the age and aging more clear and faster an organization, especially in today’s society, the skin is more vulnerable to ultraviolet light, weather, dry or humidity is too large irritants and allergens, and the influence factors such as environmental pollution, accelerate internal aging skin, reduce skin cell function, thus produce wrinkles, skin pores increases, peeling, etc.

Adding a proper amount of nicotinamide in moisturizer and body lotion can improve the skin’s adverse reactions caused by external stimuli to a certain extent, enhance the skin’s anti-wrinkle ability, slow down skin aging, and promote skin smoothness.

Nicotinamide can repair the skin barrier function, on the principle of it, there are two main aspects of ceramide synthesis in the skin, accelerate the differentiation of keratinocytes, nicotinamide can promote ceramide synthesis because it can enhance the activity of serine palmitoyl transferase, serine palmitoyl transferase has influenced the speed and efficiency in the process of synthesis of important material. When there is not enough NADP in the skin, the skin will show signs of “aging”, the rate of renewal is slowed, and the skin’s luster is poor. Nicotinamide has antioxidant properties. Increasing NADP can accelerate the differentiation of keratinocytes, promote keratinocyte metabolism, and restore the skin protection function that has begun to fail.

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