How long can use nicotinamide rise whitening effect?

Nicotinamide is the derivative of vitamin B3, mainly used in skin care products, have a white and brightening effect, prevents the skin from becoming yellow because of saccharification, still can accelerate cuticle metabolism, fight senescence, and achieve the goal of white and moist. Because of the difference in skin color and skin quality of each person, it is impossible to determine the specific need to use the time, long-term moderate use can play a role.

Nicotinamide can act as an antioxidant. If nicotinamide is stopped and no other skin care is given, the skin may return to its original state. Long-term moderate use is recommended.

Because of niacin, nicotinamide contains impurities and allergenic ingredients, although nicotinamide is suitable for all skin types, each person’s skin acceptance of nicotinamide, may appear to discomfort the skin after use, we should pay attention when using nicotinamide concentration, sensitivity test before use, build tolerance, Improper use may cause skin sensitivity, redness, peeling and another discomfort, sensitive skin should be tested before use.

Because nicotinamide property is stable, without photosensitivity, therefore, can be used sooner or later, and also can be used for a long time, but, it is not recommended to use every day, in addition, after use nicotinamide also needs to do a good job of sunscreen.

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