How does nicotinamide show anti-aging effect?

Nicotinamide is recognized as an anti-aging component of skin in the field of cosmetic dermatology. It and vitamin A alcohol are both very effective cell communication factors. It is easily recognized by skin cells and gives instructions to the cells to make their activities healthier and promote youth.

In recent years, nicotinamide has received more and more attention. Its important performance in skin anti-aging is to reduce and prevent skin dullness and yellowing in the early aging process.

However, nicotinamide does more than this for the skin. It can also repair the damaged lipid barrier of the stratum corneum and improve skin resistance. Some people may overlook the basic skin care function of nicotinamide, which is to deeply lock water, and whiten and brighten the skin.

The ability of nicotinamide to play these roles depends on sufficient concentration. It has been proved by large-scale medical clinical studies that only a concentration above 5% can achieve a variety of skin care effects, and the upper limit of nicotinamide in skin care products is also 5%.

Because skin intolerance may occur with nicotinamide, it can be used for a long time, but daily use is not recommended. When using nicotinamide skin care products, you should use them according to your skin condition. In the beginning, you should start with a low concentration and gradually choose a high concentration of nicotinamide skin care products after your skin has established a tolerance.

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