Why dilute nicotinamide skin care products after use?

Nicotinamide is a multi-functional skincare ingredient, which can not only have a whitening effect. This is what most people know, and it also has more effects, such as anti-aging, narrowing pores, moisturizing, and yellowing.

At present, Vaseline, Dabao, Magnolia Oil, L’Oreal, Weizi, Helena, Lancome, and other brands have added nicotinamide to many of their products. It is used as a multifunctional and low-cost skincare ingredient. It can be in different functions of products with different functions. Give play to its role, the cost performance is excellent.

Nicotinamide can be added to most different functional skin care products. Although the ingredients are safe, a small number of consumers will not tolerate skin care after skin care. Of course, most people can still adapt to this ingredient. If there is any tolerance situation, don’t worry too much. Stop using it first. After the skin recovers, you can apply a small area of ​​the nicotinamide products to apply small areas. If there is no abnormality, you can use the face to gradually restore the normal concentration of the product.

Nicotinamide is a cigaretteanamide compound, without light sensitivity, and has a good effect on skin care. Generally, it does not need to be avoided during the use of nicotinamide skin care products. Dans in the sun to avoid sunburn skin.

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