Which population should not use nicotinamide skin care?

Nicotinamide is a water-soluble vitamin belonging to the B group of vitamins. Nicotinic acid can be converted into nicotinamide in the body. Although both compounds have vitamin effects and can be converted to each other under certain conditions, nicotinamide has lower pharmacology and toxicity than nicotinic acid, and these properties occur during the conversion of nicotinic acid.

Nicotinamide is a weakly tolerated component, which is stable in the solution with a pH value of 6. However, when it is not in this PH range, it is prone to hydrolysis reaction, producing niacin, and causing allergic reactions in some people.

The higher the concentration of nicotinamide skin care products, the better?Not oh, it is generally recommended that the use of nicotinamide in skin care products in the concentration of 2%~5%, more than 5% concentration will increase the burden of the skin, cause a certain irritation, especially for topical products, will easily lead to skin redness, peeling, itching and other conditions. It is generally recommended that friends who use nicotinamide skin care products for the first time can try a small amount first, if there are some slight skin reactions can be appropriate to reduce the amount. After the body is fully accustomed to the concentration, slowly increase the concentration appropriately. When choosing nicotinamide skin care products for the first time, it is not recommended to choose products with very high concentrations.

In the case of long-term normal use, nicotinamide harm to the body is basically 0, but nicotinamide skin care products should not be excessive use, is not suitable for minors to use, and in pregnancy and breastfeeding female friends need to suspend use.

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