How does nicotinamide use effect skincare effect better?

In the beauty and skincare market, more and more people recognize the ingredients of skincare, ingredients of skin care products’ main effect of real natural ingredients, among them, nicotinamide is a kind of can inhibit the generation of melanin, and has the effect of whitening skincare ingredients, in addition to common in the stock solution, essence, and lotion, but also added to many face wash, shower gel and other daily chemical products.

Nicotinamide can be used with other skincare ingredients, it is a very suitable partner for retinol, the role of nicotinamide is whitening, and the role of retinol is anti-inflammatory, the combination of the two can strengthen the whitening effect, but we should pay attention to retinol has photosensitivity, should not be used in the day. Niacinamide and arbutin can be used together, there is no conflict between the two, the main role of niacinamide and arbutin is moisturizing, whitening, and brightening the skin, the two used together is better. Nicotinamide and ceramide can be used together. Both of them are relatively safe ingredients without conflict. They have complementary benefits when used together. Nicotinamide and hyaluronic acid can be used together, but hyaluronic acid belongs to a low concentration of mild hydration acid, it is recommended to use nicotinamide and then hyaluronic acid.

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