Why shouldn’t nicotinamide and other acidic skincare ingredients be used together?

Nicotinamide is used after toner, or we can mix nicotinamide and toner, apply directly to the face, and massage gently.

Nicotinamide can be used with other skincare products, but be aware of the ingredients in other skin care products. If the ingredients of skin care products are acidic, we do not recommend mixing with nicotinamide, because nicotinamide itself is more irritating, and acidic cosmetics will enhance the irritation, and easily cause skin intolerance.

When we buy nicotinamide skin care products, it is suggested that we can first apply little nicotinamide products on the inner side of the wrist behind the ear. If there are itching and burning, skin redness, and other allergic phenomena, then it shows that the skin has an intolerance to nicotinamide.

Some people use nicotinamide for the first time, should not be high concentrations of large amounts of use, it will hurt the skin. When used for the first time, a small amount of nicotinamide with a concentration of less than 2% can be used to avoid using other nicotinamide skin care products. The same series of skin care products have something in common with nicotinamide, but different series may be different.

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