Can nicotinamide skincare products replace medicine to treat skin diseases?

Although nicotinamide has a lot of effects on the skin, it needs to be used in a certain way so as not to get half the result with less effort.

More than 2% nicotinamide can moisturize and repair the skin, but to whiten the skin, you need a concentration of more than 3%. However, the concentration of nicotinamide is not exactly proportional to its effect. 5% is the upper limit for both safety and gentleness. Concentrations higher than 5% do not significantly increase the effect, but irritation is greatly increased and there is a risk of skin irritation, such as redness, itching, peeling, and other symptoms.

Nicotinamide irritation is not as large as acid components, generally non-sensitive skin in the safe range of use is not uncomfortable, even if there is intolerance to nicotinamide, usually, a local allergy will recover after stopping. When using nicotinamide for the first time, it is necessary to pay attention to the concentration of nicotinamide. We can start with a low concentration and gradually increase the concentration tolerance. We can use some moisturizing repair products to do the base (such as ceramide stock solution, muscle bottom essence, etc.) to reduce the concentration of nicotinamide, with a more mild feeling.

With the continuous development of the daily chemical industry and human exploration, it is believed that more, newer and better nicotinamide functions will be found and used by people. Another thing to keep in mind is that nicotinamide skin care products should be carefully studied, but they should not be used as a substitute for medicine to treat diseases such as skin diseases.

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