Which skin type skin use can nicotinamide skincare?

Nicotinamide is an ingredient specially used in the cosmetics and skincare industry. This ingredient belongs to the B vitamin group, which can play the role of whitening and brightening, moisturizing and anti-aging.

Nicotinamide can be added to lotion, toner, essence milk, and other products, this component is suitable for most people’s skin, oily, neutral, and dry skin can be used, but there are still a few people will use it because of its concentration, their skin causes and other discomforts, such as skin tingling, redness, peeling, if this happens, this time you need to stop using immediately, It is suggested that when choosing cosmetics containing nicotinamide, you can do a skin test first, take the appropriate amount of the application behind the ear, observe the use, if no abnormal can be used normally.

The content of nicotinamide is not the higher the better when the concentration is more than 5% or contains the impurity niacin, easy to cause skin intolerance, therefore, the content of nicotinamide in most mature skin care products on the market at present is between 2% and 5%, which is a relatively safe and can play a better effect of the dosage range.

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