How to use nicotinamide solution for skin care?

There are a variety of whitening products on the market. When it comes to whitening and anti-aging ingredients, many people will think of nicotinamide, an ingredient with a variety of skincare effects. In nicotinamide skin care production, nicotinamide’s original solution can be said to be a relatively hot skin care product in recent years.

Nicotinamide in nicotinamide stock solution has the characteristics of a small molecular structure, therefore, the nicotinamide stock solution on the face can be quickly absorbed by the skin, but also can accelerate the synthesis of facial collagen, lighten skin tone, delay aging, not only that, it has a certain effect on reducing pigmentation, reduce the area of color spots, can dilute color spots.

There are many ways to use nicotinamide solution, we can directly use nicotinamide solution, which has a whitening effect, can be used directly on the face, and then apply face cream moisturizing. We can also use nicotinamide original solution after the use of milk, it is similar to the essence, and can be used after the use of milk to moisturize the skin, nicotinamide original solution has a certain whitening effect, long-term adhere to have a whitening effect. We can also mix nicotinamide in toner, lotion, cream, facial masks, and other skin care products to consolidate the role of whitening. In addition, add a few drops of proniacinamide to the shower gel or body lotion to help nourish the skin, which is also a good way to use it.

Different skin types have different reactions to nicotinamide, which depends on the ability of our skin to absorb nicotinamide, therefore, when choosing nicotinamide stock solution, we should grasp the tolerance of our skin!

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