How to use nicotinamide stock solution?

Nicotinamide whitening effect most of us understand, it actually moisturizing, anti-aging, relieve acne, shrink pores, and so on also has a good effect, therefore, nicotinamide is widely used in all kinds of skincare products, also became one essential in the process of our skin care ingredients, but nicotinamide how to use?

If we use nicotinamide stock solution, then, we can use it with skin care products, wash our face, and then use toner, and then use nicotinamide stock solution, you can also mix nicotinamide stock solution and toner together, and then apply it directly to the skin.

Nicotinamide is used for basic skin care, such as nicotinamide stock after essence, can also be used as essence, however, as nicotinamide is an important ingredient in skin care products, nicotinamide alone is used less frequently.

There is no specific order in which nicotinamide should be used, but it is mainly used in basic skin care procedures. Before using isolation, we can use nicotinamide together with skin care products. It is not recommended to use nicotinamide alone, otherwise, the basic skin care effect will not be achieved.

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