Why is nicotinamide such a hot ingredient in skin care?

Skin care products containing nicotinamide are very popular in recent years, and they have been popular for a long time since they were launched. Different ingredients, different names of skin care products, efficacy, and role are different, but the reason why nicotinamide can be used in different efficacy of skin care products, what is the reason?

Nicotinamide is a kind of small molecule substance, it can enter the human skin through the skin cells, so as to speed up the metabolism of skin cells, and improve the skin condition.

Under the promotion of nicotinamide, the amount of collagen synthesis has been increased, and the amount of collagen in the skin has increased, then, it will make our skin more moist and elastic.

The use of nicotinamide can prevent skin glycosylation, glycosylation is a major culprit causing skin slack, aging, wrinkles, dark yellow, and other problems, therefore, nicotinamide can alleviate these skin problems, at the same time, but also play a role in whitening.

Nicotinamide can not only prevent the formation of stains but also play a role in fading stains, mainly because it can stimulate the activity of skin cells, so as to decompose the stains deposited on the surface of the skin, the stains will gradually fade, if you adhere to the use of nicotinamide, the effect of stain dilution will be better.

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