Why is nicotinamide suitable for people with oily skin?

As an active ingredient, nicotinamide of cosmetic grade can not only inhibit the formation and deposition of melanin but also reduce the transfer of melanin to surface cells. After a large number of consumers use it, the whitening effect is significant, so it is highly respected in the whitening industry.

The use of skin-care products containing cosmetic nicotinamide can effectively reduce facial skin wrinkles, and have a certain dilution effect on skin erythema, pigmentation, sunburn, etc. Cosmetic nicotinamide can also stimulate the production of collagen.

Nicotinamide can improve the skin barrier function, therefore, can lock the moisture, moist skin, at the same time, can use nicotinamide skincare products to a certain extent, reduce the formation of fatty acids and triglycerides, can have the effect of controlling oil secretion, therefore, cosmetics level use nicotinamide is very suitable for oily skin. The decrease in oil production also leads to smaller pores and better skin.

Nicotinamide is a skin whitening, and moisturizing and has a good effect on active substances, therefore, a lot of products are widely used with the same effect that protects skin, though, its safety is very high, but you should pay attention to using cosmetics level nicotinamide may cause allergy, if allergy after use, please stop using immediately.

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